Frequently Asked Questions

We are committed to you and servicing your needs. To help you learn more about us and our services, here is a list of the most frequently asked questions by our customers looking for storage solutions to their unique situations.


What is a unit with drive-up access?

A drive-up unit is accessible through a roll-up, garage-style door, directly from a driveway.  It is generally on the first floor of a facility and allows for easy storage of large and heavy items.  You may park in front of the unit, eliminating the need to move heavy items through a hallway or up an elevator. Customers prefer these units for the convenience and Lorain Mini Storage offers a large variety of drive-up access units for your unique needs.

What is a roll-up door?

A roll-up door is like a garage door; it rolls up overhead for easy access.  

Do you provide outdoor parking for RV, Boat, Camper or Car storage?

Yes. We offer outdoor uncovered parking for your RV, Boat, Camper or Car inside our fence-line up to 35 feet long covered by our security measures. If HOA regulations and restrictive community rules prohibit parking outside your garage, look to us for your storage solution. Please review our Motor Vehicle/Boat Storage addendum before renting a space for more details.

Do you provide parking for Semi-Trucks or Tractor-Trailers?

Yes. We offer outdoor parking for semi-trucks for monthly storage. Please contact us via email or phone for more information on parking your semi-truck in our outdoor parking space and review our Motor Vehicle/Boat Storage addendum.


Do I need a reservation?

No. However, reserving in advance does ensure that your unit will be ready when you arrive with your belongings. We offer free reservations 24 hours a day and 7 days a week through our website and email, and take reservations over the phone during listed phone hours up to 30 days in advance. Additionally, we offer several more moving essentials like moving trucks, locks, and packing supplies which you may find helpful and we can organize to make your move-in experience seamless.

Can I rent a unit at any time?

Yes. We offer convenient online rentals 24-hours per day and 7-days per week. Lorain Mini Storage will automatically pro-rate your first month's rent if you move-in during the month. Rentals will continue on a month-to-month basis thereafter.

How do I reserve a moving truck or trailer? 

Please call our office at (440) 309-5508 or email us to reserve your U-Haul truck today. You can conveniently use their 24/7 Self-Service app for contact-free truck rentals right outside our facility in our large parking lot. 

How big a truck should I rent?

Assuming one bedroom consists of a queen sized bed, a dresser, and 2 nightstands, here is a general starting point:

Cargo van to 10′ moving truck: studio apartment

15-foot moving truck: two bedrooms or less

20-foot moving truck: two to three bedrooms

26-foot moving truck: four+ bedrooms

If the rooms in your home have a lot of furniture, it will take up more space and if you are on the cusp between truck rental sizes, it is best to be safe and reserve the next size up. 

What happens if I cancel a reservation?

You may cancel or change a reservation at any time by phone, email, on our website or in person. There is no cancellation/change penalty.

Do I need to a lock when I rent a unit?

Yes. Customers may provide their own lock or conveniently buy one from us while moving-in. We recommend and sell high-quality disc locks for the greatest security.

Do I need to commit to long-term stay?

Our units are rented on a month-to-month basis. We require a minimum of one full month: Beyond that, your rental with us can be as long or a short as you need it to be.

Do I need to put a deposit down for self-storage units or parking spaces?

No. We do request that you leave your unit in broom-clean condition with all items removed. Charges for cleaning, left behind items and damage to the premises are outlined in the Rental Agreement. This eliminates the need for you to come up with a large sum of money that will remain tied up for the duration of your storage rental with us and makes your move-in experience more affordable. 

Are there items I cannot store in the self-storage units?

Yes. For self-storage units, the Rental Agreement lists a number of items like any food, animal feed (including seed), explosives, fireworks, highly flammable, dangerous, hazardous or toxic materials or substances, noxious smelling items, contraband or illegal substances that cannot be stored. Please refer to the Rental Agreement for more details. 

For parking spaces, there are additional items listed to safely store your vehicle as outlined in our Motor Vehicle/Boat Storage addendum.  


Do you offer packing and moving supplies?

Yes. We offer a variety of discounted, high-quality boxes, tape, packing paper, bubble wrap and much more.

If I do not lease a storage unit, can I still rent a truck or purchase packing and moving supplies?

Yes. You can still rent a truck or purchase our high-quality discounted moving supplies whether or not you rent a storage unit. We stock boxes, tape, and packing paper. We also keep some specialty supplies for larger items in stock.


What measures do you have in place to keep my belongings secure?

No storage facility can guarantee that your belongings will be completely secure. However, our facilities are equipped with security features that deter unauthorized access and crime including

  • Fully fenced-in storage space
  • 24-hour video monitoring
  • Well lit premises with large motion actived flood light
  • Electronic keypad access through a single-entry and exit gate
  • On-site manager who keeps the facility clean and appropriately maintained

Do you keep a key to my unit?

No. The lock provided to you comes with multiple keys. We do not have a duplicate or a master key.

What is the difference between Access Hours (Gate Hours) and Office Hours?

During access hours you can use your gate code to access your storage unit. During office hours our Manager is available to assist you with your storage related needs. If you need access outside of standard access hours, our Manager can make accommodations. Business, boat, and RV customers are provided with 24-hour service.

What if I forget my access code?

Please call us during our listed phone hours for assistance regarding your forgotten access codes. For your protection, we will request proof of identity. We do offer a very convenient app that allows you to not only eliminate this issue but also easily go through our gate without the need to extend out of your vehicle to touch the keypad using bluetooth on your smart phone. 

Are there specific times that I can access my storage unit?

Our facilities are open 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Access hours (Gate Hours) are 7 am to 9 pm every day. Business, boat, and RV customers are provided with 24-hour service.

Can I designate specific people, other than myself, to have access to my storage unit?

You can restrict access to yourself, or you may designate specific people to have access to your unit.


Do you rent space month-to-month or do I have to sign a long-term lease?

Our rental contracts are all month-to-month. No long-term lease is required.

How can I pay monthly?

Lorain Mini Storage has made your payment process as easy as possible. Our rentals renew on the 1st day of each month. You can pay through our website 24-hours per day and 7-days per week, by phone or in-person during office hours or by mail using credit/debit cards, cash and checks.

What happens if I’m late with my payment?

Rent is due on the 1st of each month. See your lease agreement for late fee dates and amounts.

What if I fail to pay my rent/late fees?

If rent and associated fees are not paid, you are at risk of the contents of your unit being sold at auction to pay unpaid rent, fees, and any costs of the sale incurred by the facility owner. If, after this procedure, any net proceeds of the auction remain, they are paid to you. We never want this to happen. We do have options.

  • Call our Manager and arrange for our “One Time Late Fee Waiver Program.” 
  • If, during the first month of your lease, you find that you will be unable to pay, let our Manager know and immediately move out. This will stop all collection efforts.

Do you have automatic payment options?

Yes. You can sign up for recurring payments with our Manager at move-in or at any time later through your online account to never be late. We will automatically deduct you monthly charges from a credit card, debit card, or bank account. Payments can also be submitted manually every month by clicking “Make A Payment” on our website.

Do you require that I have insurance on the items I’ve placed in storage?

Yes. You are responsible for maintaining insurance on all items that you have placed in storage. Most homeowners or renter’s insurance plans do not cover items while at a storage facility. Therefore, for your convenience, Lorain Mini Storage offers a variety of zero-deductible affordable Tenant Protection Plans that were carefully designed to give you peace of mind and fit your needs which can be added to your monthly rental agreement. Please review our plans and our Tenant Protection Plan Addendum for more details while renting a unit. If you currently have coverage, please provide a copy of your declarations page at time of rental.

Does my personal vehicle insurance cover my car, motorcycle, boat, trailer, RV, and construction equipment?

Yes. To store a vehicle or boat on site, you must maintain personal insurance.

How does the move-out process work?

We require that you give a 10-day notice prior to vacating your storage unit through your online account or by email. Beyond that, the process is simple.

  • Empty your storage unit.
  • Contact your property manager through email, phone or stopping by the office to inform us that you have emptied your unit.
  • Your account will be immediately closed. Since units are rented on a month-to-month basis, we do not prorate the last month.
  • Remember to take your lock; it is yours to keep. You are the only one who has a key unless you are using our delivery acceptance amenity.